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Welcome to LightPoint

LightPoint means the source of light. We are called to be a light in the world.

But our ultimate goal is to proclaim the source of our light which is Jesus Christ.

Sunday Worship / 10:00AM / Both in person and online

About LightPoint Church

Adult Sunday Experience

We understand that life doesn't come with a manual. We know you want to do things correctly. We're here to help you find the way together.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Join us this Sunday in person or online.

  • Connect with us to get helpful resources for your life.

  • Connect with others by joining a group.


Why not aim for something more than just good enough? We'd be delighted to assist you in finding your purpose and nurturing relationships that bring you joy and fulfillment, exactly as you were meant to have.

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Exploring A Faith Group

Starting Point is a casual short term group environment where you can explore faith. 

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Engaging in Ministry

It is hard to know where you can find your place in church. Entering Point provides you a small step through which you can join the ministry.

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Mother's Day Tea

We provide a Mother's Day Tea. We believe that all women deserve to be honored on Mother's Day. Why don't you come and join us at this event? It will be a fun and joyful time for all!


Connect Your Light With Us

VISION: We are a welcoming Christian Community inviting and inspiring people to grow as the light of Jesus.

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